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Alabama (U.S. 231 S.) Things to do at Rest Stops LbNA #24893

Plant date:Aug 24, 2006
City:Pine Level
Planted by:Urban Letterboxer
Found by: Inveterate Learner
Last found:Sep 26, 2008
Last edited:Aug 24, 2006
6/01/2009 - Box is alive and well!

5/30/07 I have just been informed that this rest stop has been closed. The buildings are boarded up and there are barriers on the access road. The box is currently still there.

This rest area is located on U.S. Route 231 South between mile markers 93 and 92. Bring your own ink pad and pen.

At this rest stop there is a snack shack.
North of the snack shack is a pet area.
Walk to the wooded area north of the pet area. (There is somewhat of a path that will lead you into the wooded area.)
Toward your left is a wire fence with wooden posts.
At one point, there are two vertical posts with a horizontal post between them forming an “H.”
Continue walking north and count the fence posts after the “H.”
Between posts 4 and 5 there is a hollow tree on your right about 10 yards from the fence. This tree is also in line with a sewer pipe and a light pole up on the entrance road to the rest stop (both to the east of the tree).
The letterbox is in the hollow tree covered by bark.

Please re-hide well!

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