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"One Tree Hill" LbNA #24691

Owner:Ewe-no Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2006
City:Cresent City
County:Del Norte
Found by: RougeRaven
Last found:May 2, 2015
Last edited:Aug 18, 2006
You might want to bring your swimsuit, the Smith River is an excellent spot to play on the beach and swim for a while.
Drive along Northbank Road (197) and turn south (right) onto Charlie Drive.
Park to your right or left as soon as you turn on to Charlie drive. Start Walking down the single lane road.
While you walk enjoy the scenery. If you come in August, like when I placed it, the blackberries along the road are ripe and delicious. Keep walking until you get to a fork in the road. Turn left onto the gravel of Ginny Lane. The right fork will eventually lead you to the river which is very nice as well.
After a while there will be another fork in the road, you must turn LEFT, OFF of Ginny Lane to find the letterbox. As you keep walking the road will turn right and head downhill. There will be two huge rocks blocking a part of the path, just go through the gap and keep walking.
You should see a small bridge up ahead, it depends on which season you go in. When I went all that was left of the creek was rocks.
Hold your horses, don't go over the bridge yet! Stand by the end closest to the bridge and take about 10 paces along the creek bed. To your right there is a large mossy tree with a depression near it's base. Kneel down in the divot. Your treasure is behing the river rock in the base of the tree, hidden with dried leaves.
After you are finished with the box (make sure the lid is closed because the lid doesn't fit very well) please hid it back in it's original position wiht the river rock and leaves for the next letterboxer. Please enjoy your trek back to your car or continue down across the bridge to the river.
Thank you! :-)