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Sea Sail Journeys: Spirit of the Lake LbNA #24642

Plant date:Jul 24, 2006
County:Alberta, CAN
Planted by:Lilac
Found by: 4Js
Last found:Jul 24, 2018
Last edited:Jul 24, 2006
Head to the Canadian Rockies. The letterbox is located at the biggest lake of Banff National Park, the name of which in the native language means "Lake of the Water Spirit" .

(A side clue: it also rhymes with a name of a person connected with a particular chocolate factory; hmm, I'm wondering if the Spirit of our lake is fond of chocolate too).

From the parking lot walk down the road to the lake side. If you see the boat launch on your right and an ice cream kiosk a little further on your left, you are on the right path.

The path will take you through a very cheerful, sun-drenched Mediterranean-looking landscape with pines and limestone boulders and little cliffs.

Further along your way, you will see a beach covered with driftwood and across the water a small serene 'island'. Visit it if you wish and back on your trail - to the Stewart Canyon on Cascade River that flows into the lake.

The path will lead you through the forest with more little beaches seen through the trees on your right. Soon you will go along the canyon that reminds one of a Scandinavian fjord, cut right through the rock. When you come to the high bridge, go across it; just pause to take in the view.

You will see before you three paths: a front one (very hard to see), one to the left and one to the right (you might see the "danger: steep slopes" sign on the right one; also it might be closed).

You will take the (safe) left path. Almost right away from this left path another one will branch off to the left - it will go along the river. But stay on your main left path. Soon on your right you will see two fallen trees crossed . The top of one of them will almost touch your path. Go along that tree, up to its base. It's a pretty soft walk too as the ground here is covered with lush moss (if it's a wet season).

On your right - in the moss-covered tree base (the upside of it) - in the alcove blocked by a few bark pieces - you'll find the letterbox you are looking for.

Be sneaky as sometimes there are people about.

If you have blue ink, sail with us (but any color will do for the stamp inside).

Hope you could find it and enjoyed the sunniest lake!