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Belden Dam LbNA #24632 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:J. Peter
Plant date:Aug 8, 2006
City:New Haven
Found by: yumgirl (2)
Last found:Jun 28, 2010
Last edited:Aug 8, 2006
My visit of 6/26/2015 could not find either of them but I did hide another here! The "Shield of Diocletin"

I left two boxes at the Belden Dam on the Otter Creek. They are technically in New Haven, but on the line with Middlebury. Take route Seven to Belden Falls road (across from River road). Follow under the train bridge. Hang a left then a short right to park the car by the top of the wooden stairs.

The Fleur de Lis Chip (5 minutes? Less?)

Go down the wooden stairs on the right. At the end, face south or up river. Take six steps south. You should be on a stone slab. Take four steps diagonally south east. On left should be 3 in diameter tree growing out of flat stone slabs. A foot and a half right is a small stone that acts as a front door (do not go to slab that says “Allen” on it).

This stamp was based on a poker chip that my grandmother gave me. It was part of a number chips that my great grandfather took while a New York City policeman in the 1920’s. He was involved with breaking up a lot of speakeasys/illegal bars/gambling halls and grabbed the chips for his kids.

Mice Ball

Now that you have done the drive by, let’s take a walk! From car:

Go through gate on left. You are walking by picnic tables on the right, then up to the dam. On the left will be a trail head to the left for the TAM (Trail Around Middlebury). Have fun up there if you are looking for a geo cache. On right are two bridges, take them. Once over take right most trail (Gorge trail). Trail runs along water. Follow a bit. It goes down, then right, down, up, down, and then wellll, it splits. It almost looks like a triangle here, but go left (right goes straight to water). Now you’re running next to the creek. A few yards down is a big tree on right with bark missing (also with better view of creek). A little bit more and you will see a cave like opening on the left. Now the box is close. Just beyond the cave on the left side of the trail is a big tree (ok, not huge, but close to trail!) Seven feet beyond is a white dead birch before a mini pit. Box is on rim next to birch. It is covered in pine needles and bark. Please hide very carefully because of how close this is to the trail. You can head back the way you came.

At the TAM trail head is a map of the area trails if you want to extend your hike.