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Old No. 7 LbNA #24163

Owner:4 little piggies Contact
Plant date:Jul 29, 2006
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Nov 11, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 5, 2017
(pulled for maintenance 5/17)
About an hour and a half from Nashville is the Old No. 7 letterbox. To locate, first you must locate the Metropolitan Lynchburg area which is a spirited home to a certain distilled product. The Jack Daniel's distillery is open 360 days days of the year to free tours. Even coffee drinkers like myself find the tour interesting. As you enter the town from the north on Rt #55, you will notice a parking area with picnic tables to the right. If you park at the north end of this parking area, get out of the car and notice a drainage area just beyond the parking lot. This area is covered with loose dirt, so be careful as you descend. You will find several large rocks with 1-2 feet (approximate) between them. After going over this span, you should be near a clinging tree. Approx 5 feet up the hill at the top is a pile of flat rocks that covers the camo'd box. Bring your own ink, room for hitchhikers.