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A Postcard from the Beach.... LbNA #23622

Owner:BullDawg Contact
Plant date:Jul 9, 2006
County:Virginia Beach city
Found by: KDmae
Last found: Aug 11, 2006
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 9, 2006
While vacationing at Virginia Beach, I came up with the idea while in a local shop on 16th Street. I bought all the postcards of a specific picture. These have become the clues for the letterbox. To get the clue, email me with your address, and I will send you the postcard. You will have to study the front carefully, and see if you can find it with help from the written clues on the back. In time I might "make" a postcard online to send that wat via email, but getting the postcard in the mail seems waaaay cooler.

To get this clue, email me @,