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Whitley Heights LbNA #23566

Plant date:Jun 30, 2006
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:CymruWitch
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Jan 25, 2020
Last edited:Jun 30, 2006
Whitley Heights is a historic neighborhood in the hills of Hollywood. I highly suggest you take the tour of Whitley Heights I've provided; film buffs and architecture fans will have plenty to admire! If you don't want to do the tour, simply skip ahead to box directions.


Whitley Heights was the dream project of Los Angeles developer H.J. Whitley- his vision of a quaint Italian hillside village. Ground was broken in 1918 and the neighborhood soon became popular with the silent film set. Even Valentino lived here for a time, although his home was one of many torn down in the late 1940's to make room for the Hollywood Freeway.
There have been many famous residents over the years including Richard Barthelmess at 6691 Whitley Terrace and director Robert Vignola next door at 6697. Silent film siren Barbara La Marr lived at 6672 Whitley Terrace; legend has it that there was a secret passageway from her bedroom to the chauffeur's quarters. Many stars have lived at 6660 Whitley Terrace, including Rosalind Russell and Beulah Bondi. Almost every home has been occupied by someone famous at certain times over the years.

Best to park near the park and Hollywood History Museum located just off of Highland Avenue near the Hollywood Bowl. Unless there's an event at The Bowl there should be plenty of parking available. The museum is a wonderful place to visit before or after the tour; they have an emphasis on the early days of Hollywood history and this will coincide nicely with the neighborhood you are about to see! If you choose to go, museum adult admission is $5.00.

First and foremost Whitley Heights is both a registered historic area and an actual neighborhood. So, I must point out that you must respect the residents and their private property. The tour will NOT take you onto private property; even the steps you walk down are open to the public. And, of course, please be discreet! Urban boxes are most easily jeopardized.

Park and walk southward on Highland Avenue to Milner Road, taking a left to walk up Milner. Notice the Whitley Terrace Steps sign on your right-hand side. From here you can either begin the tour or go for the box.

Pass the Whitley Terrace Steps next door to 6776 Milner (you'll descend these later), and follow the road as it curves to the left. A posted sign signals that you've entered the Whitley Heights Historical Preservation area. Continue heading uphill and bear right to stay on Milner at the split in the road. Turn right on Whitley Terrace when you can- walk until you spy a hidden wooden staircase on your left just past 6681 Whitley Terrace. Turn left at the top of the steps onto Grace Avenue; continue to follow Grace down the hill.
Hang a right again onto Whitley Terrace and follow it around until you see a sign reading "2000 N. Whitley Terrace Steps" just past 6666 Whitley Terrace. Notice the Hollywood sign in the distance. You must descend these steps to get the box.


1. IF you did the tour: Walk down the Whitley Terrace Steps. Nearing the bottom you will see a wooden fence begin on your right-hand side. Just where the fence begins there is a crack; the box is nestled in many dry leaves that have collected there.

2. IF you skipped the tour: Enter the Whitley Terrace Steps from Milner Road where you see the sign. Notice that a wooden fence begins on your left-hand side. Follow that fence up the steps until it ends. At the end you will find a crack; the box is nestled in many dry leaves that have collected there.
**Bring your own inkpad and pen!

To contribute to the ongoing battle to preserve historic areas like Whitley Heights and other Hollywood landmarks, please contact:
Hollywood Heritage
PO Box 2586
Hollywood, CA 90078
or, visit the Hollywood Heritage Museum

**The tour I provide is an excerpt from a bigger walking tour found in a book by Erin Mahoney called Walking L.A.; it's a wonderful book and can be easily ordered through most bookstores.