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Plant date:Jun 20, 2006
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 20, 2006
If you are familiar with McKinleyville, your adventure begins at the Hiller Park Sports Complex. Those not familiar . . . from Hwy 101 North take the Central Ave. exit (follow into town). Turn left onto Hiller Rd. Just over the bridge (or overpass), you'll find Hiller Park on the right. From 101 South take Murry Rd. exit and turn left onto Murry Rd. At the stop sign, turn right onto McKinleyville Ave. Turn right onto Hiller Rd. Just over the bridge (or overpass), you'll find Hiller Park on the right. Now that you've found Hiller Park, let's get letterboxing!

To the left of the playground you'll find Hiller Loop Trail. Begin your adventure here at this sign. Follow this trail until you find a second sign that says Hiller Loop Trail. Take the path that goes to the right that is in front of this sign. You'll come to a post that says Scenic Overlook. Follow the arrow to the left. (At this sign post, you can go to the right a few feet and take a look at some goats and ducks at the fence). Back to following the scenic overlook trail . . . when you come to it, make sure you go straight across the gravel intersection and keep following the path. Watch out for banana slugs! When the path opens up to a grassy area, there are veins going left and right. Make sure you keep going with the straight path back into the trees. At the fork take a right. Enjoy the view as the ocean opens before you. As you sit on the bench look for the path in front and to the right (looking like it goes over the edge). Follow this around the corner and into the bushes. Hidden under the branches and leaves you'll find our letterbox!

This takes approx. 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

We hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback if any clues are unclear or box is missing.