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Kiss Me Quick LbNA #22825

Plant date:Jun 6, 2006
Planted by:SeabeckTribe Contact
Found by: Fledermaus
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 6, 2006

Cascade Evergreen Co. has been generous enough to allow us to place this Letter Box on their property. If you have questions, you may contact Robert Ross (Owner): In turn Mr. Ross has asked that all searchers to identify themselves by posting the following Parking Form on their cars dash or have, or Markings on your vehicle. This will distinguish you from trespassers.


Cascade Evergreen Co. - Robert Ross - - (360)710-9829

This permit has been granted by the above said business & property owner, for the specific purpose of allowing Geocachers to park their vehicles on company land and to seek Authorized Caches belonging to the SeabeckTribe, Fledermaus and all future Authorized Caches. Unauthorized
Caches placed on this land may be removed.
Please observe the following 3 Simple Rules:
a.. This permit MUST BE Displayed on your Dashboard and Visible from the Outside of your Vehicle!
b.. You are Permitted to Park Along Side the Roadway Only. OFF ROAD Vehicle Travel is Strictly Prohibited!
c.. Your Vehicle MUST NOT Block Private Driveways, Dept. of Natural Resources(DNR) Access Roads and/or Gates!
1. Failure to display this permit may result in your vehicle being impounded!
2. Please Report All Illegal Dumping and/or Activities to the above name and number!


Once upon a time the great chief, Hyas Tyee, was searching for a pony to bring back to his princess daughter, Tanse Mowitsh.

He traveled on a hard packed trail that lead west to a small community called Seabeck. Once he crossed BIG BEEF CREEK he found an other hard path that took him through an area where the pioneers would build many houses in the future. This path would later be called Pioneer Rd.

Hyas Tyee traveled for 1.6 miles. Here he came to a place the path divided. He sat there on his mighty stallion, Siskiyou, trying to decide which way to continue. Then off in the distance they heard a whinny.

Siskiyou started prancing and was eager to find this mysterious pony sound. Pulling on the reins and charged forward he headed straight, continuing on the hard packed path in front of him.

The path was narrow and twisting. Hyas Tyee had a hard time keeping Siskiyou at a walk and from charging off down the path or through the woods. But he managed to keep him on the hard packed path. When they had gone .7 miles. Siskiyou stopped suddenly and turned to the right. Here they found a gray gate. They again heard the mysterious whinny. This time it was very close.

All of sudden Siskiyou shook Hyas Tyee off of his back and jumped over the gate to gallope off down a dirt trail. The Great Chief stood up and dusted himselve off and walked around the gate to follow his run-a-way horse.

After walking for .2 miles, Hyas Tyee found his mighty stallion standing in front of a small round disk. There beside Siskiyou was the most ugly small brown female donkey, which is called a jenny.

Siskiyou looked at Hyas Tyee and back at the little jenny. When he turned back and looked at his master. The Great Chief could see love shinning in his eyes.

NO! NO! Cried the Chief. I must find a beautiful pony for my princess daughter, Tanse Mowitsh. Not this ugly jenny!

The Chief tugged hard on the reins, trying to pull Siskiyou away from this ugly drab brown jenny. When all of a sudden Hyas Tyee heard words whispering on the wind.

Siskiyou... Kiss Me Quick! I will then be yours forever.

The great stallion's ears perked up and Hyas Tyee knew he could understand the whispering words also.

The Chief could not keep Siskiyou from turning and running back to the ugly little drab brown donkey. He stopped in front of the jenny and then kissed her on the cheek.

There was a large puff of smoke. When it cleared Hyas Tyee saw the most beautiful sorrel mare pony standing next to Siskiyou. He closed and rubbed his eyes. But when he opened them again. The little mare was still standing next to the great stallion. And on her cheek was a red mark in the shape of lips. The chief could not believe this amazing miracle. What a beautiful pony for his princess.

Hyas Tyee and Siskiyou took the little mare back to their home camp. Where the princess Tanse Mowitsh lived happily ever after with her beautiful sorrel pony.

To find the mark of the KISS, stand in front facing the small round disk (benchmark). Turn 90* to your left. Walk 12 paces and stop. Turn 90* to your right and take two steps forward. Bend over reaching with your right hand behind a thing not living anymore. You will find a small blue bag. This will contain all you need to take the mark of the KISS home with you.