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Estrella Desert LbNA #22262

Owner:CW Sun Seeker Contact
Plant date:May 16, 2006
Found by: Mr. Fluffers and friends
Last found: Sep 11, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 16, 2006
There is a fee to enter the park. This level dirt/gravel wide trail is wheel chair and dog friendly. The box is .09 mi. down the trail; so almost a drive-by.

These 19,840 acres of desert and mountains became the first regional park in the Maricopa County Park System in 1954. Located near the meeting of the Gila and Agua Fria Rivers in the southwest Valley, the park includes a large wetland, or riparian, area. The majority of the park remains pristine desert, very similar in appearance to the landscape seen by the first settlers and explorers. The Sierra Estrella range, or Star Mountains, was once within the Mexican border, and remained so until the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. Today, many amenities are available to visitors, including the only grass picnic area in the Maricopa County Park System, trails, biking, horseback riding, baseball, fishing, rodeo arena, star gazing, 7 golfing .

DIRECTIONS: From I-10 take exit 126 – Estrella Parkway and head south. At the “T” in the road, go east on Vineyard. You’ll pass the Estrella Mountain Golf Course, then right on Casey Abbott N. Follow this road on past the ball field and Ramadas, then turn right on Casey Abbott S. (this is a loop that goes on around and exits at the ball field). On the left will be an outhouse and Gila Trail (which hooks up with Baseline Trail). Park here.

CLUES: Take Gila trail, past the baby saguaro cactus on the left, the four winged salt bush on the right, then a bench and a creosote bush, and at the fork in the trail there is a “What is a Desert?” Sign. There is a hedgehog and a boulder. Stop at the boulder and look up the right fork of the trail. On the right side of the right fork of the trail, there is a black rock about soccer ball-size. This is where the box is tucked away, under rocks. You don’t even need to step off trail to reach it. Please be discreet and rehide well.

To exit, either go on around the loop or back the way you came.