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Trivial Pursuit LbNA #21803

Plant date:Apr 30, 2006
County:Santa Clara
Planted by:Dem XX Men Contact
Found by: Nature Hikers
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 30, 2006
Get to Alum Rock City Park first: Take I-680 to the McKee exit. Go east off the exit ramp. Take a left on White Road, right on Penitencia Creek Road, and park at the west end of the park--it's free only there and that's where the clues start.
Start up the Creek Trail headed east, deeper into the park.

1. As the trail curves around, you will see steps on your right made out of logs.
Q. Trivia is the Roman goddess of
A. Pointless factoids--take steps to top and make a left
B. Hops harvests--go back 8 paces (a left and a right) and look across river
C. Crossroads--continue forward

2. Stop when you have crossed the 5-ton capacity bridge.
Q. In the Harry Potter books, who religiously reads and believes "The Quibbler"?
A. Neville Longbottom--take a left on the road
B. Luna Lovegood--Cut across parking lot
C. Albus Dumbledore--Cross road, continue up hill

3. Q. What was the length of the Hundred Years' War?
A. 116 years--follow trail at Rusticlands sign
B. 100 years--take right at Alum Rock Park Sign
C. 98 years--Take left at first speed limit sign

4. Watch out for trolls while crossing the bridge made for three gruff billy goats. Stay on trail until you reach a major intersection (watch for traffic).
Q. What holiday is celebrated on November 5?
A. Samhain --go uphill and to the right
B. Election night--go left and through the hole in the stone wall
C. Guy Fawkes Day--go forward under the bridge

5. Stop when you come to the next trail leading to your right.
Q. Where is the SPAM museum located?
A. Austin, MN--take trail leading to right
B. Honolulu, HI--take steps down to river
C. Birmingham, AL--continue forward on road

6. Stop at the next intersection, which occurs at the top of a small hill.
Q. What amazing structure can be seen in Mitchell, South Dakota?
A. World's Largest Bumpersticker--take an extremely hard right
B. Corn Palace--take an incredibly soft left
C. Wall Drug--bisect the angle formed by choices A and B and continue uphill in that direction

At the next sign post make a right and head uphill. Stay on the winding path. You will come to a natural "amphitheater." Follow the path until it makes its first real left. When you are level with a tight cluster of trees playing twister, walk towards them. What you seek is in the base of the first fallen hollow tree. Watch for poison oak on your right.

Found by:
Cellissimo 05/06/06