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Cacique Loquillo LbNA #20874

Owner:AMOC Contact
Plant date:Mar 18, 2006
County:Puerto Rico
Found by: Moni
Last found: May 10, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 18, 2006
Begin your search in Luquillo's town square. Walk past the Alcaldia (towards route 3) and continue on past the police station, a war memorial, and the post office. Just before you get to the highway you will see a flight of steps on your right. At the top is a lovely statue of Cacique Luquillo. Walk around the statue and admire all the Taino symbols and lovely view. With your back to Cacique Loquillo, proceed to the right of the fountain path. Walk down the grassy slope a ways, following the fountain path, until you come to the first rock outcropping. Look on the side of the rocks closest to the fountain path. between two rocks is a perfect spot for a letterbox. It is hidden under some grass, so look carefully. Enjoy! If you're looking for something to do now, walk back into the town square and get a cup of coffee at the bakery. Then walk out to the beach, near Sandy Hills condominiums, and watch the surfers.