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Spokane's 'Interurban' LbNA #20661

Owner:Storm Crow
Plant date:Mar 4, 2006
Found by: Storm Crow
Last found:Nov 18, 2022
Last edited:Dec 23, 2023
In 1905 Washington Water Power built an electric rail line on the old Seattle, Lakeshore and Eastern Railroad bed. The trolley line from Spokane picked up this 'new' line between the old and new Sunset Highways and then curved around Grandview hill with great views of Spokane and 'Mt. Baldy'. It carried many people in the early 1900's to Medical Lake for Sunday excursions with many stops along the way. Place names for these stops include Garden Springs, Dodd, Riemer, Lincoln, Winsor, Reitmeier, Jamieson Sub-Station (a brick building near the airport that you can still see from I-90) and Hayford Stations.

Directions for out-of-towners:

From downtown Spokane head west on I-90, take the Garden Spring exit that is at the same place you exit for the Airport.Turn right at stop sign then turn left onto Assembly.

From the South on 195 you now have to go past Thorpe and make a U turn (a little before the I90 interchange and head back south and then turn R onto Assembly road then turn R at the 4 way stop sign.

From the west take Garden Springs exit. At the stop sign go straight on Garden Springs road and turn right onto Assembly road.

Distance: Approx. 3.0 miles(round-trip) easy walk.

Precautions: The old rail line drops off sharply on sides so is not appropriate for small children.

Handcarved Stamp: Yes

Hitchhiker Friendly: Yes

Equipment: Compass & gloves

Clues: Drive to Assembly road. Yes, it is in the same area as the now defunct 'Under the Catwalk' letterbox was. However you are going to park where the old line crosses Assembly (.1 from Thorpe intersection and .3 miles from Garden Springs intersection). There is a Brown trail sign marking the turn in for the small dirt parking area. Walk heading in a generally east direction along the old rail bed. It will gradually wind in a more northerly direction. After about 3/4 of a mile you come to a gaping wound in the trail from 'development'. Drop down to your right and cross the open scar. Past 2 yellow fire hydrants, large boulder and a pile of broken concrete slabs all on your right. You will be climbing back up toward the trees roughly beneath the water tower in the Grandview development. You will find the path back into the woods along the old intact part of the trail. Through a thick section of trees with black cottonwoods. Then open again with the extended portion of the scar on your right down the hill. When you come to a bridge that is out then you need to back track a ways and descend on a side trail then take a sharp left turn on another side trail and you will be at the base of the old bridge. The box is tucked under some pine needles between the concrete and a pine tree on the south corner of the furthest east part of the old bridge. Please re-hide carefully under the pine needles

Enjoy exploring this area! The trail is frequented by walkers, runners, horseback riders and mountain bikers. The trail is in the local mountain biking guide book put out by Falcon (trail # 15). Wildlife is plentiful and in the fall there are moose around!