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Word Association LbNA #20432 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Feb 14, 2006
City:Long Beach??
County:Los Angeles
Found by: MO UR4Me
Last found:Jul 20, 2013
Last edited:Jan 3, 2016
After almost ten years, finally fell victim to landscaping.
Retired as of 1/1/16

North of a dry port.
Five routes named for their destinations.
Except the one that knows Lewis.
Drive for miles.
To the way of a free flowing well.
Five benches on left.
Beside Blackjack out of Colt Pistol.
At the base of 4 and 5 out of 11.
About 2 inches deep.
Beware of eyes in the fjord and recover well.

When you're finished, make sure the logbook is in a bag, and that bag and the stamp are both in a second bag.