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Mt. Baldy Ice Canyon LbNA #2033

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Dec 23, 2000
City:Mt. Baldy Village
County:San Bernardino
Planted by:Squirrel Contact Inactive
Found by: MrOspital
Last found:Jan 3, 2014
Last edited:Apr 2, 2022
Planted by Squirrel
Adopted by Kelsung
Alive and well as of 4/1/22

When I found this forgotten box, the logbook was nearly destroyed, being left by a newbie in a cracked container with unsealed baggies for almost three years. I dried it out and carefully peeled the pages apart, transcribing as much of it as I could. I then typed up a recreation of it, along with some clip-art of images similar to the stamps that had survived. The box still contains the original and undamaged hand-carved stamp.

The clue's natural landmarks have changed, but the man-made ones will still lead you to the box if you pay attention.


Park in the lot at the beginning of the Ice House Canyon Trail and begin your search. It is a lot colder in this canyon so dress accordingly. As you go up the trail you will pass two stone chimneys on the right. Continue up the trail to a switchback where the Yucca Whipplei plant resides. At the fallen giant take the less traveled trail to the right toward the stream. Pass the twin trees to a small clearing and find the Moon Gym tree. From there take the pipeline crossing. Stop at the next twin trees and go 230 degrees to the Redwood with its arm pointing to the foundation. The letterbox is cornered under leaves and rocks.

Please email if the box is missing, etc. (NOTE: I've emailed them and gotten no response.)