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Holly Heights LbNA #20003

Plant date:Dec 18, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:TeamNorthwestPassage
Found by: Lakersiders
Last found:Aug 28, 2008
Last edited:Dec 18, 2005
Holly Heights Letterbox

****WARNING: BOX AWOL??? August, 2007: We have had one email from someone saying that the box is missing. We are unable to check on the box's status, so we are not sure whether it is, in fact, missing.***

The box is located in Cuthbert Holmes Park, which is just off the Trans-Canada Highway near Tillicum Mall.

From the Trans-Canada Highway, turn on to Admirals Road. Once on Admirals, turn left IMMEDIATELY into the Cuthbert Holmes Park parking lot.

Please don't forget to bring your own ink pad, because the box does not have its own. Good luck!


Start on the paved trail, and continue bearing left until you stumble upon a sturdy but "hazardous" bridge. Do not cross this "hazardous" bridge; instead change your course and head in a new direction.

When you see a large trail on the right (whose beginning has been "tagged"), start counting your steps continuing along the same path for 21 more paces. Stop!

Head inland 24 paces to your right, on a rough and tiny trail, passing two holly trees on your left. You should find yourself at a cross-roads. Stop!

Turn 90 degrees to your right and take 20 paces. Stop at a new fork.

Turn 90 degress to your left this time, and take 70 paces 'til you find yourself at the foot of the heights. Now, make your way to the highest point of these rocky heights.

Standing at the highest point looking straight ahead, turn 90 degrees to your left. Now, look for the highest conifer!

Make your way down to the base of this tree. Under the holly, you will find what you seek!