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The Yellow Flower LbNA #20000 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jan 13, 2006
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Found by: CherryOnTop
Last found:Oct 20, 2009
Last edited:Jan 13, 2006
I just wanted to note that, through sheer luck on my part, this is box number 20,000 in the LbNA database. I'm quite honored to have that status.

Park Series #3
Edison Park, Long Beach, CA
Retired as of 5/30/10

This is one of several boxes I created to place in parks that my children and I used to enjoy visiting for various reasons. We liked this particular park just because it almost seemed like it was secretly hidden in this small out-of-the-way neighborhood. Just finding your way to the park, near the 22, 605 and 405 Freeways, is half the challenge. Go to the rear of the park, where metal giants play tug-o-war.

I went to check on this on 5/30/10 and it was missing again, the second time in a year. The original box lasted over three years, but I don't think the hiding place is viable any longer. Since that was inherent to the clue, and I really liked the clue, I'm not bothering to move it and change the clue.