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Oyster Dome Series LbNA #19979

Owner:Merry Wanderers Contact
Plant date:Jan 13, 2006
Found by: lephantman13
Last found: Sep 3, 2006
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 13, 2006

Difficulty: Easy
Hand carved: Yes
Hitchhiker Friendly: Yes

Box #2:
Difficulty: Hard, it is a hike: it takes about an hour to hike up to the top with a 1,200-elevation gain. But the view is totally worth it!
Hand carved: Yes
Hitchhiker Friendly: Yes

Take I-5 south to exit 240 (Alger Exit). Off the exit head west (a right turn when heading in from the south). Take a left on Barrell Springs Road and drive about a half mile. Take a right on Blanchard Hill Trail- Road 1822. Go past the parking lot for Blanchard Hill and drive on for two miles. Take a left at the red gate. This road ends about four miles up at a parking lot for the trail. This part is a bit pot-holey.

Take the PNT trail on the north end of the parking lot. From the rocks at the start of the trail walk 20 paces. (1step=1pace). Check out the great view from this small clearing. Look for a stump behind the first tree on your right. The letterbox is behind it!

BOX #2: "A GREAT VIEW": from Oyster Dome
Continue down the PNT trail. About 10min down the trail there is a fork in the trail, take the straight and upper fork (to Oyster trail). After another 20min or so you will see a sign that talks about the ice age- take a look and keep on going! In a short distance from here the trail will head right up a steep, long hill. Partway up this hill there is a sign on your left for the "Talus Trail: Bat Caves". This is a fun area to check out if you have the time but for this mission don't take that trail, go right continuing up the hill. Once you reach the top of that hill go left down the trail and cross the stream. Continue up the main trail, you are almost there! Once you get to an area with little under growth and many paths through skinny tress bear left. Check out the view from on top of Oyster Dome! If you have kids don't let them run around by the edge, it is a cliff!

After you've enjoyed the view look back away from the edge and find the big rock in the trees that looks like a whale's back breaching the water. Stand on the rock, from here take 25 paces at 4:00 if noon is over the edge. Look under the exposed roots of a fallen tree. Hope you had fun!