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An Excellent Hiding Spot LbNA #19458

Owner:Scout Contact
Plant date:Nov 24, 2005
Found by: ABKing
Last found: Jul 3, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 24, 2005
On Ocracoke Island go to Hammock Hills Nature Trail across from the campground. This is a 3/4 mile loop and you can find "Hiding Behind the Dunes" before you find this letterbox!

Hammock Hill Nature Trail is an example of a medano – a hill of shifting sand that lacks vegetation. This.75-mile loop trail on Ocracoke Island offers the best cross-section view of barrier island ecology. The trail begins within view of the dunes, and plunges into the maritime forest. Here you can see how plants are shaped by long term exposure to the sometimes punishing elements. The trail cuts through the forest to the marshland. From the observation platform you can see where the marsh meets the sound. Be aware of fast-moving but nonpoisonous black racer snakes.

- Start on the trail by the brown "Hammock Hills Nature Trail" sign.
- At the fork in the boardwalk make a right.
- Walk on pine needles for a bit.
- Walk over another short boardwalk.
- Go up a dune.
- When you come to the sign "Hiding Behind the Dunes" consider finding the first letterbox.
- Pass the secondary dunes.
- Pass the Pine Forest.
- Go to Hunting Success and Salt Marsh and take some time to take in the view from the overlook.
- Continue the way you were going.
- Pass over a boardwalk.
- Go into the woods and then over another boardwalk.
- See the sign on the boardwalk "An Excellent Hiding Place?" How true!
- From that sign, go ten steps further.
- On the right, by the post is your treasure.

Please reseal all the bags and the box really well as the weather here is quite harsh and the letterbox won't last without this special TLC.

Return to the trail and continue to your car by taking a right at the "Y" in the boardwalk.