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Raisin LbNA #19367

Owner:WhiteOtter Contact
Plant date:Nov 19, 2005
Found by: Nairon
Last found: Mar 22, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 19, 2005
This is a hand carved stamp.

My sister (Deerpath) and I placed this box in memory of a loving member of our family.

Off of Jones Road in Falmouth, find the entrance to Goodwill Park and Long Pond Reservoir. There is a parking area on the Right as soon as you turn off Jones Rd. Park there. From the lot, walking, turn Right down the main road, go about 500 yards or so and turn right onto a small path before you pass the blue and white fire hydrant. It goes right past a small boulder in the middle of the path. 24 steps beyond the stone take a right at the fork, path will narrow. It can be difficult to see in the fall due to the leaves, but it is there. Keep going past the fallen oak on the left and the small three trunked silver-barked tree on the right. Wind around until you come upon a larger path, turn Right onto it. The path is marked by blue Falmouth water signs on the left and Paint trail markers (looks like a painted one) on the right. Stay on main path for about a mile (Staying to the left of forks, or straight through at cross roads). Where the main path loops to the left after a long incline there is a smaller path on the right away from the lake. This will take you up another short but steep hill (very rocky with allot of mature holly trees around). At the top of the incline you will have a nice view of the lake. There will be three pine trees on the right and behind them, two large boulders. Your prize is in between the third pine and the second boulder. Have fun.

After you find the box, you can either continue on the path and it will loop around, eventually ending back were you started, takes about 4 miles or so. If you want, you can go back the way you came in as well. If you miss the smaller path, the main one will take you back as well.