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"Take Time" and "God's Acre" LbNA #19191

Owner:Secret Gardeners Contact
Plant date:Nov 11, 2005
City:Holetown Barbados
County:Lesser Antilles
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 11, 2005
"Take Time"
In 1996 the Honourable George Payne opened this roundabout on the Ronald Mapp Hwy near St Thomas Church in the parish of St Thomas.
When you get there, park across the road from the roundabout, on the pavement outside the church wall.
Then "take time" to visit the giant sundial in the middle of the roundabout.
Due to the absence of numbers, substitute "our" time and look towards 2 o'clock. You may or may not see a large piece of coral stone - depending on the time of year and if the bushes have been trimmed or not. Either way, at 2 o'clock and behind a bush you will find the large piece of coral stone and beneath it "Take Time".
As always, replace the box with care that no one find it by accident.

"God's Acre"
Locate the oldest piece of consecrated land on the island of Barbados, often known as "God's Acres". The first place of worship on this island was wooden and erected by 1628 then replaced by a local coral stone building in the early 1680's which is still in use today.
Once there, find the original bell, cast in England in 1696. It fell from the belfry after 200 years and was badly cracked. It predates the American Liberty Bell by some 54 years.
With the bell on your left, circumnavigate it till you see the "Blue and White Pelican". Cross over 17 lines. Stop on the 18th - DO NOT ASCEND the steps but instead look to the left and at about 10 o'clock there is a large Casuarina tree ( Whistling Pine) look low and you will find "God's Acre" letterbox.
*** Remember to watch for people, this can be a very busy location, and do not attract attention to yourself. Rehide the box with care that it not be found by accident.

Planted by the "Secret Gardeners" from Langley BC, now living in Barbados.