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Peanuts - Linus LbNA #18104

Owner:Baby Bear Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 6, 2005
City:Friday Harbor
County:San Juan
Found by: Kermit
Last found: Apr 24, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 6, 2005
Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Mini-box: About 200 yards

Status of Mini-box: Stamp is missing. Email me for image if you find and I will send.

The "Peanuts-Linus" mini-box is located in Lime Kiln Point State Park on San Juan Island. The park is a great whale and seal watching place, but also has a lighthouse, trails, interpretive center and much more.

Use map of island. Park is located on West Side Road, on the mid-west side of the island. Park in parking lot.

To the Mini-box:
Walk toward the whale viewing area on the path. Just before leaving the trees, locate the huge tree on your left with a wooden building in front of it and a chain around the tree base. Go to the back side of this tree, at the base, and find the box under a rock pile. Please re-cover it well.