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Line Alien LbNA #18077

Owner:Princess Lea Contact
Plant date:Sep 13, 2005
Found by: Martini Man
Last found: Jul 23, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 13, 2005
This letterbox was created and the clues written by First President, a 7-year-old member of the Alien Explorers family

Note that there are two sets of clues for how to get to this letterbox. If you follow the first set of clues, you will be asked to pay $5 for parking at Roberts’ Park. The second set of clues is free.

Line alien was getting into his spaceship on his planet, and then he took off. He flew and flew and flew and reached Planet Earth. He landed on a parking lot with a hill nearby and a playground on the hill, close to the parking lot entrance. And then he sent a flying probe to another parking lot with a parking garage and a museum nearby. (Which means you can reach this letterbox from another direction, too, see below.)

He got out of his spacecraft and started walking more or less north. He saw a huge tree with little nuts that had hats on them, surrounded with a ring of red _________ (guess what). Then he passed this tree and continued northward, up hill. He went on Roberts’ Ridge Trail and passed the bathrooms on his right. After a few minutes, he arrived at an intersection of West Ridge and Redwood Bowl. He walked between the redwood trees on his left, straight to what appeared to be a giant sewing needle stuck in the ground. He made a 90 degree turn to the left, walked 6 steps to a long log, and crossed over the log. He made another 90 degree turn but this time to his right, and took three steps straight toward a redwood tree. Then he took 2 steps to the left of the tree. He pushed back the baby redwoods to find a place to sleep. He decided it was a good place. You will find him there, asleep. When you are done with him, please push back the bushes firmly so Line Alien won’t be seen.

Here is an alternate way to find Line Alien.

Find your way to Redwood Bowl with the directions to Chabot’s Alien (from Chabot Space and Science Museum parking lot). Cross Redwood Bowl to the tree stump. Take a right turn on West Ridge trail to the intersection of Robert’s Ridge and West Ridge. Walk between the redwood trees on the left and follow the same clues.