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Lake View at Tilden Park LbNA #17903

Owner:pawca Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 5, 2005
County:Contra Costa
Found by: californiabluefrog
Last found: Jul 13, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 5, 2005

Hike is easy to moderate. There's some ups and downs but it's not too far.

There are several ways into Tilden Park. I prefer to come in from the north via San Pablo Dam Rd. (from El Sobrante)/Camino San Pablo (from Orinda). Wildcat Canyon Rd. intersects right about where the name changes from one to the other. Wildcat Canyon Rd. runs through the part and out the other side into Berkeley. I’ll leave it to you to find your way in from that direction.

From San Pablo Dam Rd./Camino San Pablo, turn onto Wildcat Canyon Rd. into Tilden Park. Take it slow on the winding road and watch out for bicyclists. After you pass Inspiration Point (or stop there for a couple of other boxes) look for Lake View picnic area on the right. Park in the lot.

Go down the first set of stairs and head south/southwest through the picnic area until you see a parking area below. Go carefully down to the edge and then turn east and then south down toward the lake till you get to all the rocks. Do a little rock climbing but don’t look for any boxes. I couldn’t find any good hiding spots here without tempting fate and a spill over the edge.
Head down the path but not all the way up—after just a tad up, branch to the right. Pass the downed tree then another branch toward the lake. Check out the very big eucalyptus with many big branches but no safe hiding place. Then go back to the one you just passed. Look for your first prize in the roots on the south side. It’s covered, hopefully, by some rocks.

After you stamp in, head back the way you came up to the rocks. Then about 2/3 backup the next hill take the high road this time. At the stump go north. At the first tree on the right, check the stump behind for your second prize. Again it’s covered with rocks and a bunch of leaves.

You should be able to see your way back from here. Watch out for burrs and enjoy the park. Check out for information and maps.