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The Future Greenway LbNA #17811

Owner:Team Bear-Cat Contact
Plant date:Aug 28, 2005
Found by: celutin
Last found: Jun 30, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 28, 2005
The Tennessee Riverwalk offers over 12 miles of paved path for walking, biking, skating, etc. Lots of beautiful views and lots of opportunities for letterboxes!

This box is a nod to an ambitious plan to expand the current Riverwalk with a connection to the North Chickamauga Greenway. A sign along the Riverwalk refers to the planned South Chickamauga Greenway.

Most of the access points to the Riverwalk are along Amnicola Highway, which runs from downtown Chattanooga (near the Aquarium) to Chickamauga Dam. Although you could park at any of a dozen places, depending on how far you wish to walk or bike on the Riverwalk, the closest point to the Future Greenway letterbox is reached by turning off of Amnicola on Lost Mound Road, near the Northrup King plant.

Once you reach that parking area, look for signs to the Woodland Walk. It is a 1/3 mile loop that joins the TN Riverwalk.

As you wander along the Woodland Walk, you will reach a horseshoe curve where the trail turns back toward the river. Pause in the curve and read the Riverwalk sign in front of you. Then look beyond the sign; you are looking at a bridge for an overpass and at the end of the pavement showing where the future South Chickamauga Greenway will connect to the paved trail you are on.

Facing the sign and the bridge, step just left of the sign. Take a compass bearing of 95 magnetic. Walk to the edge of the pavement and follow that bearing about 20 steps. (No longer on pavement; footing is rocky.) The letterbox is tucked behind a REALLY tall artificial stone pillar, under some natural rocks.