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Bison-tennial LbNA #17705 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Aug 27, 2005
Planted by:WyldBlueberries
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 27, 2005
"Once a year, the die is cast. A dozen's hopes upon the draft."

This box is placed on the lovely campus of Harding University, in the heart of Searcy, AR. The campus will be pretty lively on weekdays during the fall and spring. So be discreet (or go on Saturday or in the summer;-)

Directions to parking:

To get to Searcy, take state hwy 67 to exit 46 (Race Street).
Head West on Race Street to Main Street and turn left (South).
Head South on Main Street to Beebe Caps and turn left (East).
Head East on Beebe Caps to the main entrance of Harding University (Burks Blvd) and turn left (North).
Head North on Burks Blvd to Park Street (dead end) and turn right (East).
Turn left immediately on Blakeney.
Go North on Blakeney until it ends at a circle drive. Park at a nearby parking spot.

Directions to Box:
(For a map of campus, go here:

The circle drive is right next to C.L. Key Plaza, which is a pretty courtyard with a fountain.

Stand (or sit) beside the fountain in the Plaza. On the North side of the plaza is the McInteer Missions and Biblical Studies Center. To the South is the Benson Auditorium.

Walk West along the sidewalk from the plaza. You will pass a small clock tower in the sidewalk. A short ways past the clock tower on your left there is a arched entryway to the front lawn. The archway has "Harding University" in gold letters. DON'T WALK THROUGH THE ARCHWAY! (Nothing, bad will happen, except that you won't find the box.)

Facing the archway you will see a brick flowerbed. Follow the bricks around to the SE corner where it abuts a stone wall. The box is resting on the inside edge of the flowerbed in this corner.