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Westchester Woods: Letterbox B LbNA #17633

Plant date:Aug 23, 2005
Found by: Miss Moon
Last found:Oct 21, 2014
Last edited:Aug 23, 2005
Warburg Park is on Pinesbridge Road in Millwood, aboout .1 mile east of the Taconic Parkway. This hiking trail runs 1.3 miles and is of moderate difficulty.

After parking your car, walk along the paved road to reach the hiking trails on your right. At the welcome sign, take the blue trail. Go uphill, pass a stone wall and a dropoff, then another stone wall on the right and a wall of large boulders.

Continue on the blue path, following rock steps down, and pause to enjoy a view of the valley on the left. As the path continues, you can hear the sounds of the Taconic Parkway. The path then goes down through a gap in a stone wall.

Ahead you will see a tree with a large trunk divided into three, next to a tree with two blue blazes. Just beyond them, cross a small bridge over a brook and you will see a stone wall on the right. Follow the path across this wall, and proceed to the second tree on the right. What you seek is hidden in the wall at that point.

You can continue on the blue path which loops back to the parking lot, or retrace your steps.