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Horsetail Falls LbNA #17590

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2005
Found by: Chrissy
Last found: Jun 23, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 18, 2005
Note: 8/18/2006 this box was verified as being in place, lonely due to no visitors, but very much alive.

From Bridgeport drive up to the highest of the two lakes at Twin Lakes, and park in the parking area of Mono Village Resort. Walk past the checkin station for the RV resort and turn left on the road. At the first right turn in the road take the path to your left. The entrance to the path will be directly across from D1 marker in a tree. Follow a path to the vehicle bridge then turn right and then very shortly (8 steps) take the first turn left. At another trail junction follow the trail sign arrow to your left. Follow the trail to a slanted/log/foot bridge that you will come to in a few minutes. Cross this bridge and follow the trail down stream the up the hill slightly to a Wilderness Information board. From this board take the trail SW. As you climb you will be able to see the lakes after one switchback turn. The trail will come to the falls, and after viewing the falls look for the continuation of the trail up. From the sharp turn on the trail to the NE count 30 steps up the trail to a Pine tree on your right close to a smaller pine near it. The Letterbox will be on the trailside of the bigger of these two trees, inside the tree at the base covered by one rock.
It is directly across from a sign advising not to take shortcuts.

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