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Pony Express Postmark (newly replanted!) LbNA #17085

Owner:artTrekker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 3, 2005
Found by: The Olde Oak
Last found: Oct 5, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 3, 2005
5/28/06 Newly replanted yet again!

This is a replant of the box that was planted in Old Sacramento for the Gold Rush Romp.

Take Highway 88 to the parking lot for the Hope Valley Wildlife Area Fishing Access. (This is also the starting point for the 3-box series Fishing the West Fork.) Take the paved trail to the right of the restroom. Hook to the left to read the historical marker for the Carson River Emigrant Route. Turn around and retrace your steps (about 6?) to where white underfoot meets black. At 2:00 from the view of the bridge is a lodgepole pine (short needles, small cones) with an old fencepost attached to it. At the base of the lodgepole behind that tree, to the right, cuddled under the stump, is the Pony Express Postmark. Maybe this one will stick around for a while. Please re-hide weel, to protect from curious critters and harsh weather.