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Saint Francis Xavier LbNA #16870

Owner:Aram Garoghlanian Contact
Plant date:Jul 27, 2005
Found by: MikeMD3
Last found: Oct 14, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 18, 2015
Saint Francis Xavier

I have read that the church called St. Francis Xavier in Hyannis was once called St. Patrick. The name was changed in 1903 so as not to seem so oppressively Irish. Still, I have never met anyone, at least in this country, whose middle initials were F.X. without Irish blood.

The real F.X. was born in Spain, educated in Paris, and was a founding member of the Society of Jesus Christ, better known as the Jesuits. He was a missionary in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and finally Japan. Depending on your perspective he is either the Apostle to the East or an agent of Portugese imperialism. You may want to seek opinions from the Brazilians streaming out of the 7:00 P.M. mass.

You will find the image of F.X. behind a barn, under a piece of slate, about half-way between the front doors of the church dedicated to him and the business entance of the only place on Cape Cod where one can order Boti Kebab Masala.