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Aspen Grove Letterbox LbNA #16471

Plant date:Jul 4, 2005
Planted by:Nanzee
Found by: photopam
Last found:Jun 10, 2015
Last edited:Jul 4, 2005
From Flagstaff get on 180 towards the Grand Canyon. Afer you pass Snowbowl Road, continue for 2.8 miles till you reach Forest Service road 151. Turn right on 151. Follow along road for 3.3 miles. On your right you will see and old cattle herding ramp. Park in the dirt area that is off to you left.
Walk down the two track (in front on where you parked) until you reach on opening with a fork in the road. Follow the path to the right. The two track will turn in to a single track. Follow the single track around the pond. (The pond may be dry during the summer months.)
At the end of the pond there will be a small down slope from here follow the single track for 155 steps. Then turn north and go off the single track for 21 steps. This should lead you to a Pine tree and Aspen tree twisting together. The letterbox is located under the rocks near the base of the two trees.