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Printmaker's Prize LbNA #16122

Plant date:Jun 27, 2005
Found by: mican
Last found:Jan 11, 2024
Last edited:Jun 27, 2005
Placed by HaplessLlama

Go to UCA's Torreyson Library; 201 Donaghey Avenue, visitor parking can be found on the street that leads to the circle drive in front of Main Hall. Once there you should use its resources to help you find this book, or you may want to use their online card catalog from home ( before you head out for this letterbox. Look on the same shelf as "The Complete Leonard Baskin". Find the book with the white cover who's title refers to another time without using numerals.

You may want to take the letterbox to a study carrell for less conspicuous stamping. Once done replace the letterbox as you found it, be careful not to let anyone see the book I carved up to help me hide the stamp (don't worry it is not UCA property, but a book I placed there). Once done take a look around the shelves where you found the letterbox, there are lots of interesting printmaking books in the area.