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The Highway 5 Hitchhiker Hostel- GONE LbNA #15699 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jun 9, 2005
Planted by:moderndulcinea
Found by: Purple Raven
Last found:Jul 19, 2005
Last edited:Jun 9, 2005
The I-5! A rite of passage. Many people drive from L.A. to S.F. along the 5 on a regular basis. It's long, it's straight, and it can be very boring. :-) Luckily, there are several letterboxes you can hit along the way!

If you're using, remember that the clues may be in different areas on the site, since you'll pass through several counties while driving on the 5.

Traveling northbound (L.A. to S.F.) you can visit at least these 5:

- The Highway 5 Hitchhiker Hostel (this one!)
- Tule Elk (Buttonwillow, Kern County)
- Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, Kern County)
- I5 Road Trip Letterbox (Kettleman City, Kings Co)
- California Outlaws - Joaquin Murieta (Coalinga, Fresno Co)

I decided to place a Hitchhiker Hostel so that, if you drive the 5 frequently, there may be something new each time you stop in.

A hitchhiker hostel is a stationary letterbox that holds "hitchhikers" - letterboxes that travel from box to box. The idea behind a hitchhiker hostel is that you bring a hitchhiker with you, drop it off, then pick up another one to move somewhere else. PLEASE DON'T TAKE A HITCHHIKER UNLESS YOU LEAVE ONE IN ITS PLACE. The Highway 5 Hitchhiker Hostel has a stamp that stays with it permanently, so even if you can't take a Hitchhiker with you, you can still stamp your logbook.

So...ready to hitch a ride?


The Highway 5 Hitchhiker Hostel is placed at the exit named for Niles Crane's brother. If you're traveling north and you see the sign for Tejon Ranch, you've gone too far. If you're traveling south and see Tejon Ranch, its coming up!

You'll also know it by the travel plaza with the letter that forms an airplane.

When you exit onto the road, travel in the OPPOSITE direction from where the gas stations and shops are. (You'll want to end up on the East side of the 5.) When the road ends shortly, turn left.

The road will quickly deadend. On your right will be a private driveway, ahead of you will be a private driveway, and on your left, just off the roadside, will be large chunk of cement. The Hostel is there, behind the large chunk, under a pile of rocks. Please be very careful to cover it back up again. Drive safe and shoot me an e-mail to tell me how you liked it!