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Dinosaur Dude! LbNA #15540

Owner:pilgrimsinthisland Contact
Plant date:May 25, 2005
Found by: ???
Last found: Aug 3, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 25, 2005

Can you think of the place, the best place in the world to find bones already dug up of these Bohemoths? Paleontologists
are still mystified as to what brought the demise of these huge creatures. Hmmm... I think perhaps it was the great flood followed by an ice age. So many ideas and theories, yet too many to try and silence the possibility of a connection to the Creator and these bohemoths. Theories abound.
well, here in this place you will see many artifacts and such displaying the power of these great creations.

On the road to this place, along the 'Dude' Trail, just before you reach the turn where the road meanders up to the parking lots you shall see a very large polished granite sign 'Royal Tyrell'. NW behind the sign, at the base of the hill there is a large boulder that is 8'x 4'x 2'.(about 12 paces from the sign) Look under the NW side (same side as the road going up to the R.T.M.) of this rock and there you will find the one and only Dinosaur Dude!!!
There is no stamp pad, the dude is green now so please try to keep it green Tee Hee!:)

Warning:You will have to find a safe place to park as the shoulder is narrow and this road can get to be very busy.