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The Wisconsin Gas Flame LbNA #15409 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:flagbearer Contact
Plant date:May 14, 2005
Found by: PeaceMakers
Last found:Nov 7, 2009
Last edited:May 14, 2005
*****This box appears to have been distroyed an is no longer available.

This box is part of the Great Lakes Letterbox exchange "Hometown Landmarks". The wonderful stamp was carved by Dragon of Milwaukee, WI and placed by flagbearer of Columbus, OH.

The people of Milwaukee have been able to rely on the weather forecast for the next day by looking at the gas flame atop the Wisconsin Gas Building for years. The next time you are in downtown Milwaukee, look up at the Wisconsin Gas flame and use the following poem to formulate your forecast for the next day:

When the flame is red,
It's warm weather ahead.
When the flame is gold,
watch out for cold.
When the flame is blue,
there's no change in view.
Where there's agitation
expect precipitation.

This box is placed at the seldom used Olentangy Nature Trail located behind the Police Substation on Olentangy River Road between 161 and Bethel Road. Park behind the substation and enter the trail on you right. This is a wide grassy path that will become a dirt path. The path can be pretty muddy (this may account for the low traffic) so wear your old shoes. Continue on to another grassy area where there is a bird house and a couple benches. Three dirt trails lead off of this grassy area. Take the one on your right which will then turn back to the west. When it forks, take the trail on the left. Continue on this trail and it will go down hill. Stop when you reach the bottom where the path levels out and forks. Look up the hill on your right at a row of unusual trees. Walk up the hill along the trees till you come to an open spot where a couple trees are missing and where a lot of stones have been piled. I hope you find fair weather close at hand.