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To The Lake! LbNA #1526

Owner:Doublesaj & Old Blue Contact
Plant date:Aug 3, 2002
Found by: Martini Man
Last found: Oct 2, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 20, 2021
To The Lake!(Lake Tahoe, Nevada)

Placed: August 3, 2002 (Alive and well May '04)
10/21 NOTE: This very old clue has not been updated in 17 years, and no doubt things have changed. There is enough landmarks to find the box. BTW, in the past, 1 pace = 2 steps. I don't recall what we used.

Lake Tahoe is a gem of a lake, one of the deepest lakes in the world. I encourage you to come enjoy the scenery of pines, mountains and recreation to suit anyone, in any season. Try this letterbox any season but winter as it will not be accessible if there's much snow on the ground.

Begin where California and Nevada State Routes 28 meet each other at Lake Tahoe, near King's Beach. Proceed east along the beautifully winding, narrow road around the lake. We suggest a scenic shortcut on Lakeshore Drive, a 3 mile span of the most beautiful homes, gardens and flowery paths you're likely to see anywhere.

Where Lakeshore Drive ends and you pick up State Rt. 28 again, mark 4.3 miles. You'll spot small, dirt parking areas on both sides of the road where you'll begin a 1/2 hour round trip hike "To The Lake".

On the lake side of the road, find 4 stumps and a leaner at the head of the trail.. Take this trail in a WNW direction. You'll hop over fallen logs while enjoying the pines and granite boulders surrounding you.

When you pass the collapsed ruins of a small cabin, leveled by the weight of many snowfalls, you'll know you're on the right track. About 120 ft. past the crushed cabin, the trail forks. (You'll be able to look through the trees here for your first view of the turquoise waters of the lake shore). Proceed in a southerly direction. Further along, spy a boulder on your left the size of a "Beetle Bug". You're almost there!
Eighty-four long paces down the path from the boulder, find a tangle of bare manzanita branches on the ground to your left, reminiscent of deer antlers. Pause here and look west for the aged and fallen wood and barbed-wire fence down the hill. Make you way in a westerly direction to the fence then south to the point where a tree has fallen upon it!
Backtrack 5 paces and turn to look up the hill where many large trees have made their eternal beds.

Climb over the first fallen tree and go to the second one of similar size, where it has separated from its stump. Take 2 paces and look under said fallen tree where a crosshatch of pinecones and sticks lay.
There you'll find what you seek!

If you like the climate and scenery or want to gamble (!) you might want to continue around the lake, a 73 mile circumference.
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Lb checked and revised...April 03, 2003