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Oak Arch LbNA #15174

Owner:Oak Arch Contact
Plant date:May 27, 2005
City:Thousand Oaks
Found by: zanni
Last found: May 31, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 27, 2005

Alive and well on 9/27/09

1. Start at the Thousand Oaks Library. To get to the library, exit hwy. 23 at Janss Rd. and head east. Turn left into the library driveway and follow until you get to the library building.
2. The path is located next to the library. Some of the landmarks to look for are a big bridge going over the path and a large sign that says “Hitching Post”. Walk sown the hill and you will be on the path.
3. Once you are on the path start walking away from the bridge.
4. It is important to stay on the main path.
5. Quite a bit along the path, you will walk under an arch of oak trees. Keep walking.
6. Remember to stay on the main path until you reach the road.
7. Turn left. You should come to a pavilion called Willow Bend.
8. Go to the bench nearest the stage.
9. Walk to the “x” in the middle of the stage.
10. Take out your compass, and set it to 240º.*
11. Walk to the “v” tree that the compass points to.*
12. Find the rock to the left “by itself”, and go to it.
13. Find the box hidden under the west side of the rock.

******Instead of using a compass, the tree is about 2:00 when you are looking at the benches.

(This is an easy trail. Aprox. 15-20 min.stroll.)