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Millard Falls LbNA #14767

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 17, 2002
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:Buzzard Contact Inactive
Found by: Elana Chivani
Last found:Jul 28, 2023
Last edited:Jan 16, 2021
Updated 1/15/21
Adopted by Kelsung

Still there in perfect condition with a logbook that was added in early 2009, but still the original stamp from 2002. Minor landmark changes: A few newer small trees, but the larger ones in the clues are there. The "Dawn Mine" sign is gone, but the white metal signpost is still there, 50 or so steps before the falls (and conveniently just out of sight) in a small hillside clearing on the east side of the creek.


Placed by: Don & Gwen
Caretaker: Buzzard
Note: Since I live nearby, Don & Gwen asked me to adopt this letterbox, which I am proud to do. I visited this great box on 4/23/05, a week beyond the LB’s 3rd anniversary. Original text of the clues below are by Don & Gwen; my short additions are in brackets [ ].

The hike to this letter box is easy, about 1/2 mile of boulder hopping and creek crossings to the foot of the falls (dogs OK). Note: There is a requirement for an Adventure Pass but nobody checked us when we were there at mid week. Directions: From interstate 210 take the Lake Avenue exit north for approximately 3 miles. Turn left (west) on Loma Alta Drive. Drive about 1 mile to Chaney Trail at the flashing light. Turn right on Chaney Trial and drive 1 1/2 miles (stay left at the fork) to Millard Campground, park in the parking lot, walk up the fire road past the outhouse and campground to the trail. Work you way up the little canyon to the base of the falls and as you turn to leave the falls you will see 2 trees (one with multi-trunks). In about 20 paces you will see another tree and then another skinnier tree in 20 paces. Cross the creek and note the vertical sign that says [“Dawn Mine”]. Go to a tree with a large mass at the bottom approximately [18] paces north of the sign. The tree has a large root that heads west down toward the creek. Look under the root and under a rock hidden by moveable rocks for the letter box. Be quick and careful as this area is very busy on weekends. Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

NOTE: The following information was added on 6/9/2003.
*When hiking you should wear hiking boots.
*Don't hike at night or start out just before dark.
*Bring drinking water.
*Read the clues completely.
*This hike is rated "Easy" by Ann Marie Brown in "California Waterfalls". A great resource hike book.
*"The hike is easy, boulder hopping and creek crossings for 1/2 mile to the foot of the falls" means that the round trip is one mile of boulder hopping and there is multiple (many) crossings of the creek. When you cross creeks there are sometimes wet rounded boulders that can be slippery.
*Creek beds are very changeable due to erosion; water runoff can alter them dramatically. The chicken wire in places on steps helps to keep the area from washing away. [The recent storms have washed away the chicken wire covered steps. They’re still there, but they’re now just a pile of empty chicken wire. Now you have to climb over a short cement wall, not as elegant, but not difficult.]
*The vertical sign is read top to bottom not left to right, and it might look like a post in the ground. [This is true of the new “Dawn Mine” sign.]
*Look for a "tree with a mass at the bottom" not a massive tree.
*Reread the clues.
*The goal of this letterbox is to take you to a neat waterfall. Take your time and enjoy the area. If you are just out to nab another stamp and rush to find it try our Signal Hill box it's a drive by. Don (Gwen didn't edit)

(Kelsung's explanation of all that: There was an infamous post on the SoCal Yahoo message board in 2003 that all of the above Don was making pointed reference to. I miss being able to read all those old messages.)

Please contact placer directly or through the LBNA chat list regarding status rather than unofficial data bases. Up to date status can only be ascertained from placer as other information services will not have current data. Listing information about this letterbox on unauthorized information services is not appreciated by the placer.