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The Tooth Fairy et al. LbNA #14665

Plant date:Apr 24, 2005
Planted by:Mimulus Contact
Found by: Lost Sailor
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 24, 2005
The Tooth Fairy et al.

This is another straightfoward hunt: a mostly easy hike designed to be kid friendly. Approx 1.5 miles roundtrip.
Dogs welcome on a leash.

Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa for more detailed info
Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Two entrances:
If you have been looking for Dudley (Dudley's been kidnapped!) then you are very close already to this entrance. Summerfield Drive to Newanga Ave: once pass the entry kiosk turn right, proceed up the hill. Take the left fork that circles down towards the lake and park at the bottom of the loop near the Children's Memorial Grove. Follow the bike path along the lake roughly north towards the swimming lagoon.....cross the small bridge and turn right following the bike path until you see a gravel road that turns left and heads up into the blackberry thickets. You will see a sign pointing in the direction of the Environmental Discovery Center. Follow that gravel road uphill to the EDC where you will begin your hunt.

Second Entrance Montgomery Drive east to Channel Drive to Violetti Road: once past the entry kiosk turn left into the parking lot for the Environmental Discovery Center. The EDC is a very nice place for kids to explore the environment....the EDC has limited hours of operation however (W-Su 12-5 pm) and on at least one visit I have been there during "open" hours and found the EDC closed. Hopefully you will find it open!

#1 Nutcracker: A guy with really BIG teeth
Take the trail just uphill above the EDC that leads to a observation platform overlooking Spring Lake. After admiring the lake from here, backtrack to the trail and take the small trail that heads uphill starting at the trash can. You will see many birdhouses here. Soon you will see a very large hanging box on the left and you will be hiking through a large thicket of oak and horse chestnuts trees. Look for a small boulder on the trail on the right. Just beyond that, 7-8 feet off the trail, there is a downed log....check under here.

#2 The Tooth Fairy
Retrace your steps back to the EDC. From the front door you will see some steps that go down to a bathroom. Head this way and walk behind the bathroom to the information kiosk and a trailhead marked "Shady Oaks Nature Trail". Follow this trail, going left at the first fork. At sign post #6 take the left fork (not down the stairs). Shortly you will see another downhill trail guarded by a knotty, twisted oak with many holes. Do not take this trail....go foward 6 steps from here and check on the left in a hole in the base of a bay tree. Please return rock to weight down box. Also...there is some poison oak nearby but it is easily avoided if you pay attention. There is a also alot of Western Spicebush (Calycanthis oocidentalis), a beautiful native shrub.

#3 El Raton Miguelito: the Latin American Tooth Rodent Fairy
The stamp and logbook are missing (MAy 2006) I hope to have replaced by June 2006) Retrace your steps to sign post #6. Take the steps down to the gravel road and turn left. Walk along this road and go left at the information kiosk crossing the wooden bridge. Stop to admire McCrae Springs and all the native vegetation. Continue on the nature trail, passing the signposts labeled "basalt", "CA Bay", "lichen". When you reach "Live Oak" turn left and go thru the gap in the fence and immediately turn left and follow the trail that parallels the nature trail. YOu will see a large boulder on the left of the trail. Stop here and then count 9 fence posts foward. Here there are 4 small bay trees (5 inches in diameter approx) growning together and a rectangular rock on the ground at their base. Look under this rock.

#4 Mr. Pearly White
Retrace steps to the fence gap and head uphill on this trail. Your path follows a small creek that is dry by late spring but can be quite wet come winter. YOu will also notice a large boulder field on your left studded with mimulus and other native vegetation. After you pass the boulder field the trail snakes a bit and you will see a large boulder on the right of the trail with a small bay tree that seems to be growing right from the base of the boulder. Go around to the far side of this rock and check the base behind some rocks. Please rehide well and replace rocks.

You can continue up this trail to the saddle and visit a small marsh and a wildflower meadow with lots of bird life and also a great view of the Mayacamas Mountains. There are many trails going off into Annadel Regional Park from here..but you may want to consult a trail map if you explore further.