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San Francisco Columbarium Letterbox LbNA #14471

Plant date:Apr 16, 2005
County:San Francisco
Planted by:inchantted Contact
Found by: Co-Vicars
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 16, 2005
This is the sister box to the Old Sacramento Cemetary Box. Yes, I have a thing for graveyards.

Many years ago, when I was living in San Francisco, an old girlfriend invited me to a concert. It was to be chamber music under a stained glass dome. This wonderful dome turned out to be the San Francisco Columbarium. You might think this is a strange place to go, as I did the first time, but I give you my word you will not be disappointed. I have brought friends, lovers, and my future wife to explore and marvel at Baroque architecture, old world sensibilities, and the subtle sense of humor that can only be found in San Francisco. I hold this place so dear to my heart, that it is the only condo I own in S.F. (The only one I can afford!) Please be respectful upon entering. This is not only a house of rememberance, but it is also a place of solitude. Bring a lunch, stay awhile, other have.

As you walk in through the main door to the domed columbarium, tip your imaginary hat to Dante the Magician on your right and to Richard Louie on your left. Walk into the center of the room. After catching your breath at the magnificent sights around you, look up. I dare you not to go, "Wow!" Look for Solanus above an entry; pass through the arch and you will find a small room to your right. In this room is a sink (you might want to have some flowers in hand). Open the cabinet below the sink. Hint: lift slightly on the door as you open or you will be amazed at the echos you will generate. Stuck with a magnet behind the sink, you will find the angel of the columbarium. After you have replaced her, take some time to go find Elvis (the mug), Harvey Milk, and if you are looking for my future abode, it is the one that says, "Coming Soon."

Description of this wonderful building:
This ornate four-story building looks more like a modern day urban castle than a burial vault. Some of San Francisco finest families, or rather their ashes, are housed inside, including the Turks and the Eddys. In addition, The Columbarium features a collection of unusual urns and caskets, including the infamous cookie jar urn. The marble-lined space with lovely stained glass windows also has remarkable accoustics, making the concerts performed here on a regular basis a real treat.

Admission is free. Hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri;
10am-2pm Sat-Sun

Address: 1 Loraine Court
(between Arguello Boulevard and Stanyan Street)
San Francisco, CA 94118

Stanyon Street to Anza, turn left. Right on Loraine. If you miss the building, then make an appointment with the eye doctor.