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Central Park LbNA #14221 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Apr 3, 2005
City:Santa Clarita
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:scoutingbear
Found by: JEK
Last found:May 3, 2007
Last edited:Apr 3, 2005
Walk: Easy
Distance: 20 minutes round trip (about 1/4 to 1/2 mile)

***Box 1 Concert in the Park has gone missing (again). At this time, a replacement is not planned, especially since construction is being done in that area. However, box #2 is still there and in good condition as of 12/29/05. Follow the clues starting from the playground.***

#1. Concert in the Park!
Central Park is located in the City of Santa Clarita on Bouquet Canyon Road. (I-5, exit Valencia. Turn right. Turn left on Bouquet Canyon). Drive in the main entrance of the park and follow the parkinglot around to the roundabout on the right side of the park. Try to park in this area.

Walk up the paved service road (directly across from roundabout). There is a wooden fence along this road. When the fence ends on the left hand side, there will be 4 large trees along the side of the road in a line. Stop at the third tree.

Facing this tree, walk forward to the next tree in this row. The box will be under the bend of the trunk of the tree behind the white rocks. If you reach the picnic tables, you have gone too far. Beware of rattlesnakes when reaching for this box.

#2. Play Ball!
Start at the Concert in the Park letterbox. Walk to the playground (you will be able to see it; there is only one playground at the park). When you reach the playground, you will see a Buon Gusto concession stand. Face the concession stand and follow the path that will be on your right hand side. When you reach the first fork, turn left.

When you reach the next fork, continue to the left and walk to the AED sign. Turn right towards the restrooms. Find the restrooms around the corner. With your back to the restrooms, continue down the path to the dirt/gravel path (there is a curb on the right side). Follow this path up the hill.

When the path meets the field, walk along the top edge of the slope that goes down towards the baseball field. Head in the direction of the pine trees, but stay along the edge of the slope! YOu will soon reach a pine tree on your left side, about 6 steps down the hill. When facing the tree, the box is on the right side of the tree beneath pine needles and sticks.