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Mister(y) LbNA #13824

Owner:viguy Contact
Plant date:Mar 16, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Benicha
Last found: Nov 6, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 16, 2005
These instructions begin from the transit bus stop at the intersection named after Mr. Wallace, and Benvenuto the home of Mr (& Mrs.) Butchart who ran a quarry in the area, later to become the site of a very famous garden. The endpoint is a park on the site of the (now gone) town that existed by the quarry. Bus #75 will get you there if you don't have wheels.

For bus information go here:

For a map of the start point go here:

From this stop, proceed along Mr. Wallace's road SSE until you come upon a little lake on your left and a yellow gate on your right. If you are driving, you should drive this first distance, and park adjacent to this yellow gate.

At the yellow gate, look for Mr. Tod and proceed in his direction down the trail beside the creek until a tall chimney comes into view. You will then soon see Mr. Butchart's fence on your right, and a small wooden wharf on your left. With your back to the water, stand on this wharf and then proceed about 20 steps to a little footbridge trimmed in green, just east of true north.

Now proceed generally west about 95 steps along the curving path to come upon some piles of piles. Explore to find the metal tipped 'pointy' ends of the tallest pile and there, not far from a couple of little fallen logs and hidden in the bottom row behind a brick or two you will need to reach a bit!!

If you are visiting the gardens at Benvenuto (Mr & Mrs Butchart's home), you may get to the wharf by walking to exit the gardens and turning right down Benvenuto Avenue to the end. Continue past a yellow gate (no parking!) down the old road, curving right until the tall chimney, fence, and wharf come into view. However, first confirm that you can reenter the gardens to retrieve your vehicle or reboard your tour bus upon your return!!

Please note that this Letterbox is also a geocache so there are two logbooks. Please use the one labelled for 'Letterboxers', though if you are also a geocacher please use the one for 'Geocachers' as well!!

For geocaching directions, go here>

Happy hunting.