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161 Steps LbNA #13583

Plant date:Feb 26, 2005
State:New York
Planted by:3Bears
Found by: ???
Last found:Jun 11, 2016
Last edited:Feb 26, 2005
Find the tower whose 161 steps will bring you to a fantastic view of Cayuga Lake. This tower also houses a very unique instrument. (Sorry, there is no elevator.)

The website for this instrument will tell you the times the tower is
accessible to the public. (These times will be few and far between during the summer months. This box will be easiest to get from late August through May.)

Before entering the tower, find its cornerstone. Convert the number of the month on the cornerstone to a Roman numeral. This letter is the first part of your “password”.

Password PART I (a letter): _________

Once you have entered the tower, start climbing! On your way up,
observe the number printed under each step. (This is different from the number printed under the landings. You can ignore the landings’ numbers.)

After passing the old Seth Thomas clock mechanism, you will start up a circular staircase. Observe the number under each circular stair step. The circular stair number minus the regular stair number is the second part of your “password.”

Circular step # - Regular step # = Password PART II
Password PART II (a number): __________

Ideally, you will arrive at the top of the tower BEFORE the concert has begun. This will give you time to get the letterbox before the
performance has begun. You will need to ask the performer for the letterbox; doing this before the concert starts is ideal. That is not always possible. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you interrupt their playing to ask for the letterbox!!!!

OK, do you have your two passwords ready? At an appropriate time, ask the performer if you could see page “(part I) (part II)” of the music.

Got it?

Great! Stamp in and enjoy the concert and the view!

You can return the letterbox to the performer at the end of the concert. Most performers like to lock up the tower 5-10 minutes after their concert, so please respect their need to get to work, class, etcetera as you time your visit. Thank you!