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Wild Indoors LbNA #13444

Owner:kayaklil Contact
Plant date:Feb 14, 2005
County:Virginia Beach city
Found by: Dancin' Feet
Last found: Jan 9, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 14, 2005
This box was actually placed by: Kayaklil and The Star Polisher. It's still there as of 11/3/12, box is a bit worn, but contents are there. Enjoy your time at the store.

Directions: Take Exit 18/Rosemont Road off I 264 in Virginia Beach, VA. At the foot of the exit turn north. In less than a tenth of a mile, you will need to be in the center lane at the stoplight of the intersection of Virginia Beach Blvd and Rosemont Road. Go across Virginia Beach Boulevard and turn right at the second driveway. Burger King would be the first driveway and the second driveway will put you into the small shopping center. This is where you will need to find the correct shop. Don’t worry, the clues will get you there.

On the Boulevard named for its city, small elves have slipped into a store at 3636. Because they love both land and water, they chose a location that sells things for both. While the owner is letterboxer friendly, be aware that the staff may not know of the box or its hidden location.

Look around the store and pass under the canoe designed for elves, for their magic can be found near here. Take only a step or two: beyond and on high, you’ll see many gold and silver versions of the elfin craft. Come closer to these to extinguish your quest. The short little elves have hidden your prize behind waves of blue. What you seek is a box these forest elves have adorned with their native materials. You will not have to crawl through any bulky items to find their box. Remove the elves’ box and be discreet when signing in. Replace carefully.