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Alpine Dam LbNA #13134

Owner:bonedoc Contact
Plant date:Jan 17, 2005
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found: Sep 21, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 17, 2005
This box was planted by Little Bear who was accompanied by Bonedoc and an out of town guest, Augie the doggie.

It is a long and curvy drive, but the area is beautiful and the walk from where you park is less than 5 minutes long. You should make sure you are back down past the golf course by sunset, when they close the gates.

From South of Greenbrae, Exit Hwy.101 at the San Anselmo exit and drive West towards San Anselmo on Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

From North of San Rafael, Exit Hwy 101 at the Central San Rafael exit and take a right turn onto 3rd street. Make an eventual right turn onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Stay on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and drive to Fairfax. At the street light on Claus Dr., take a left and follow it around (almost a U turn) to the left onto Broadway. Take a right onto Bolinas. At the second stop sign you will see a sign that points to the left and shows Alpine Dam as being 7 miles from there. Take that left and continue up Bolinas for awhile. Eventually you will see Alpine Lake on your left and the bridge over the dam. If you can, park on the right side before crossing over the dam (near the recycle containers). This is also where you go under/over the gate to begin your walk.

From the gate, walk down that main dirt road. At the split, you will see a "dogs on leash" sign. Turn right and continue (the box is 22 steps from here). You will see a huge cut tree on your right side. Look ahead and down to the left. There is a fallen tree which extends all the way down to the creek below. From the top path you will walk about 7 steps down (off path) towards the right side of the large tree root. Look under and behind the bark that covers it. Let us know if it is in good shape:

You can continue on the trail you are on or go back to the sign and go right. We did this and ended up (very short walk) at the bottom of the Alpine Dam where tons of water rushed down creating a very large waterfall. Very pretty.

Note: This box was planted by Little Bear in rememberance of a Western Yellow Belly Racer snake that she found there in 2002. Apparently, it wasn't easy to catch!