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Red Rock Canyon(Missing) LbNA #12724 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Dec 19, 2004
City:Colorado Springs/Manitou
County:El Paso
Planted by:PEZ
Found by: Bejays
Last found:Sep 6, 2006
Last edited:Dec 19, 2004
The Red Canyon Letterbox is on an easy trail, approximately one mile round trip. Great for children and dogs, dogs must be leashed. Red Rock Canyon is a developing park that will in time be a popular destination much like the Garden of the Gods. For now it is interesting to see this beautiful area in its raw state. Take a picnic and enjoy the lake and red rock views.

Driving Directions:
From Interstate 25 take the Cimmeron street exit #141 (Hwy. 24)
Go west toward the mountains. Pass 8th street, 21st, 26th and 31st. After 31st get in the left lane and take the next left on high street (there is a left turn lane). Follow this street south to 3615 W. High street (Red Rock Canyon Open Space).

Letterbox Directions/Clues:
The trail begins at the end of the parking lot. Stop and check out the master plan for future trails in this area.
Proceed east curving south. The trail is wide.
When faced with the choice, follow the Red Rock Canyon trail.
After a short walk this trail begins to gradually rise.
Ignore the right hand turn and pass the yellow gate.
Pass the dwelling and the H2O on your right.
Watching the ridge to your right as you go, you will see two slits in the rock.
Further up trail you will see one larger opening.

This was a quarry mining sandstone and limestone as early as 1866. Blocks from this quarry provided building material for many old homes in Colorado Springs including two Colorado College dorms.

You will soon be walking through this opening.
Hang right at the next opportunity.
Go up or around the stone cut stairs and into the red rock quarry.
There is a wall to the west that has stone cut stairs.
These lead you up and over to the other side of the cut.
Follow the trail around until you get to a four-way intersection.
Turn right or north and follow the ridge until you get to a lake.
On the far side of the lake take the trail that branches right.
Follow this trail around the end of the lake, pass the drainage grates to the rock ledge.
On this ledge there are two pines trees.
Ten feet to the left of the tree on the left is the Red Rock Canyon Letterbox.

*To return to the parking lot go back to the trail where you branched toward the lake and continue on this trail back to your car.

Historical Note: According to Dr. Richard Beidleman a little over a century ago there was a bill in Congress to put aside the land between the Garden of the Gods to the summit of Pikes Peak (including this area) as the second national park. The bill presumably went into a committee and never came out again. More recently many local organizations saved this land from development that would have made this valley a resort and private golf course. Now this developing park will be preserved for the enjoyment of all.