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Tri-Peaks LbNA #12638

Owner:PeterK Contact
Plant date:Jan 29, 2005
City:Westlake Village
Found by: Maule
Last found: Mar 15, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 29, 2005
The box is located just outside the NPS administered Circle X Ranch area inside the Boney Mountain State wilderness area, near the end of the Tri-Peaks trail.
Terrain: Moderate, steep cliffs near the trail (but they do not have to be climbed), some narrow trail (400 steps) with bush overgrowth.

Difficulty: Moderate (**)

It would really help to understand the clues better having the "Santa Monica Mountains West Trail Map", which can be obtained from the National Parks Service in Thousand Oaks, off Hillcrest at McCloud (between FWY 101 exits Lynn Rd and Moorpark RD).
To get to the trailhead:
From Ventura Fwy (US 101) take Westlake Blvd. South (CA 23) into the mountains. Turn right on Mulholland Hwy, then turn right on Little Sycamore Cyn Rd., from where you reach the Mishe Mokwa (MM) trailhead with parking after 3.9 miles.

The connector to the Backbone (BB) trail appears after 0.6 miles on the MM trail. This connector, part of the Backbone trail and the MM trail build a loop. The Tri-Peaks LB can be reached both ways, i.e. by continuing on the MM trail (path 1) or by taking the BB connector and then the Backbone trail (path 2).
Both paths lead to the Tri-Peaks trail which turns off at the west side of the loop -to lead to the Tri-Peaks LB- after 3.2 miles on path 1 and 2.1 miles using path 2.
The differences between the paths: Path 1 passes by "Split Rock", with a nice shadowy picnic area, before reaching Tri-Peaks.
If you want to hike the whole loop then the main difference between the paths is that the climb to above 3000 ft will be extended over 1/2 of the loop when continuing on the MM trail, whereas it will be early and more drastic over path 2. Choosing path 2 will give you more shadow later on your way back.
Both paths (1 and 2) lead to the start of the Tri-Peaks trail at this sign (which is located 1.3 miles from Split Rock):
<- Sandstone Peak 0.9 miles
Tri-Peaks -> 0.5 miles
After 50 or so steps you will encounter this sign:
<- Backbone Trail
Tri-Peaks -> 0.5 miles
At this point - facing this sign, Tri Peaks is straight ahead (behind the bushes).
The next sign is:
Tri-Peaks <- 0.4 miles
Follow it.
The next - and last - sign before your goal is:
Tri-Peaks Trail -> 0.2 miles
The first half of the .2 miles leads through bush overgrowth. When you emerge from the bushes, hike up towards the highest plants that are located on the south side of the highest peak of Tri-Peaks (until you climb half way up you will see only one peak, the others being in the background). The letterbox is stashed away 2 feet to the right of the Yucca plant you see there, under the bolder, behind another plant, which you will have to slightly bend foward to reach the box.

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