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Longleaf Snail Trail LbNA #12422

Owner:Quill Contact
Plant date:Nov 28, 2004
City:Pine Mountain
Found by: The Nutty Squirrels
Last found: Sep 18, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 28, 2004
Longleaf Snail Trail
Difficulty: Easy descending trail through forest
Bring a Stamp Pad and Pen
FDR State Park has a $2 Parking Fee

FD Roosevelt State Park

Find the Information Center on Hwy 190, a stone building that includes a ranger station where you can reserve a nearby stone cottage or camping site. Pay your $2 to park and find the steps leading from the ampitheater to the trailhead of the Pine Mountain Trail. At the trail markers you will turn left onto Longleaf Trail going toward King's Gap. As you walk through the forest you will see the four stone cottages on the ridge above you. When you pass the 4 mile marker you'll come to a switch back and the trail will begin to descend. *[Notice the young longleaf pines beside the trail. They look like Dr. Seuss pine trees with very long 12" needles and 7" cones. Longleaf pines blanketed most of the Eastern United States until 150 years ago, but were logged nearly to extinction. Now only a few thousand acres of old timber remain in the entire US--much of it in Georgia. For more info on these trees read Janisse Ray's fabulous book "Ecology of a Cracker Childhood".] A little after the switchback the trail will start a gradually curving bend to the left. Begin looking for two very large, mature pines standing close together on the left edge of the trail. A small oak with a blue blaze is located on the right trailside nearly at centerpoint between the pines. Standing beside the oak, look due North between the pines. You should see a large fallen tree with its rootball intact. Walk approximately 38 steps to reach it. Step over the trunk and continue walking 9-10 more steps at 40 degrees. You should arrive near a large 3-trunked oak flanked by two tall, narrow stumps. The box is behind the second stump under a rock pile.

*This is a well traveled trail, so be careful. Check up-trail and down before removing or replacing the box.

You can turn and go back, or continue to King's Gap and catch one of the cross trails back (check the map at the Ranger's station, or ask if uncertain of the map guide.) If you continue on the Longleaf loop, you will hike aprox 6.9 miles.

Bonus: There are two additional boxes nearby: "Fluttering Around Georgia" and "The Quilting Series #4", placed by Cherokee Rose.

Happy boxing!
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