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Sandlot LbNA #12055

Plant date:Nov 7, 2004
Planted by:Fred Contact
Found by: Lost Sailor
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 7, 2004
Benicia was the Capital of California before it was moved to Sacramento. Since then the town has gone through a lot of changes, all good in my opinion. So take a trip to Benicia.

Clues: Take either 780 2nd street exit or 680 Lake Herman exit.
780- 2nd street north,left on Rose
680 - Lake Herman left on east 2nd, right on Rose.
Go to the 2nd stop sign on Rose and right on Dempsey. you should be in the Benicia Community Park. Park in the 1st parking lot, and find the childrens play area. There is a big cement slide, take the slide down(go ahead we are all kids at heart)after you stand up from the slide in front of you will be a tunnel of trees. Go to the end of the trees and find Moitoza field, then follow that tunnel of trees to the end. Directly in front of you and across the sidewalk is a small bush, your prize is under a rock on the back side of the base of the bush. Use alot of discretion as there are always alot of children around. After you can always take in a baseball or soccer game. Enjoy the hunt!