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Huckleberry LbNA #11929

Plant date:Oct 30, 2004
Planted by:Blackbird
Found by: Mountain Mama
Last found:Apr 4, 2013
Last edited:Oct 30, 2004
NOTE: There were once 4 boxes on this hike, now only 2 remain...but there are others planted here by OBJuan that are well worth getting.

This is a loop hike at Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve. It is on Skyline between Sibley Volcanic Park and Redwood Regional Park. The hike is easy to moderate and just under 2 miles long.

NOTE: there are no dogs allowed at this park!

Be sure to pick up a "Self Guided Trail" map near the parking area.

Start on the trail near the maps and keep to the left when it forks. You will want to remain on the "Self Guided Trail" which will be referred to as the SGT from now on.

You will hike past post marker 1.

Continue on SGT past post marker 2, through the wooden gate and stay to the right, going up.

Continue on the SGT until the trail splits. Skyline trail goes down to the left, the SGT goes up to the right. Stop and rest at this junction—the trail gets energetic for a bit after this. Go up and up on the SGT, rest often, stop, drink water and read the guide, enjoy this amazing place. Be sure to take the short legs to markers 6, 8, 9&10.

Box #3: Common Green Darner
You eventually pass post marker 14. You will pass a couple of nice, big manzanita specimen trees. Look for a small wash-out on the trail, leading down to the right. An old, twisted trunk partially covered with huckleberry is next to the wash-out. Look behind and inside the trunk. Please be sure to replace the retaining branches or the box will slide down the hill.
(if you pass brown tarped brush piles on the right of the trail or marker 15, you are too far)

Box #4: Mountain Lion
Stay on the trail until you get to the resting place where many have rested before you. Have a seat, relax, enjoy. Look directly behind you across the trail. You will see a "pseudo" trail heading up into the trees, it is bordered on the left by a bay tree and on the right by several oaks. Go up the trail, staying to the left. Look down to the left and you’ll see the trail you just hiked. Look ahead for the eucalyptus grove. Go to it and stand between the 2 giants. Look beyond the one on the left. You’ll see an upright burned stump and a horizontal burned log. Look under the log.

Go back to the trail and finish your hike!